School Ensemble Music

Fun arrangements for instrumental ensembles.

All songs can be played by good high school musicians. Most are easy. A few are more challenging. And everyone gets to play the melody.

Prices: between $5 and $15 at SheetMusicPlus and SheetMusicDirect.


String Quartet
S - violin
A - violin
T - viola
B - cello
+ T - violin

Brass Quartet
S - trumpet
A - trumpet
T - trombone
B - trombone or tuba
+ T - euphonium, treble
+ B - euphonium, treble

Woodwind Quartet
S - flute
A - oboe
T - clarinet
B - bassoon
+ T - horn

Saxophone Quartet
S - alto sax
A - alto sax
T - tenor sax
B - baritone sax
+ S - soprano sax

Clarinet Quartet
S - clarinet
A - clarinet
T - clarinet
B - bass clarinet


If you have any feedback, or if you have a specific arrangement request, please let me know. I would love to hear from you!